Monday, November 13, 2006

Contributor Paean

Thanks to all the Slangwhanger's friends who went to ActBlue to contribute to the candidates he touted. Six won, one lost, and two are still being counted.

Even if they lose, your help kept it close. Batting six for nine is good enough to win a short playoff series anytime.

Soon repairs to this site will be made taking down the outmoded messages in the right column as we gear up for a new set of candidates in 2008. (As Tristram Shandy's father vowed, "That squeaky door shall be mended this reign!")

Sen. Russ Feingold's decision not to contest the Presidential nomination is a blow to all of us who sought a genuine anti-war candidate. Under the headline "Shoeless Russ," one blogger wrote, "Say it ain't so, Russ, say it ain't so!" Alas, it is.

Meantime, a fervid search is on for physical representations, either poster or bumpersticker, of the following slogans. Send email to the Slangwhanger if you can let him know where to buy one.

Investigate. Impeach. Imprison.

Impeach Bush. Torture Cheney. Hang Rumsfeld.

Pelosi for President in 2007


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