Monday, March 20, 2006

Pointed Letter from a Friend
dear all-
the time has come, the walrus said, to kick unconstitutional butt. please handwrite, in pen, to your two senators and ask them to cosponsor S.RES 398 to censure george w. bush.
below is a sample text i prepared for nicky in california. of course, substitute your own senators' names (and kill the california joke at the end unless you are writing to chuck grassley and want to keep it as an iowa joke.)

but this is one time i feel like i must participate in (and even help instigate) a HANDWRITING campaign because the issue is so important.

handwritten letters really do get better attention on capitol hill than email (lowest of the low), fax, or even typed letters.

i have already written mikulski and sarbanes in different terms so any marylanders can steal this and will not be repeating me.

bottom line is: if not us, who? if not now, when?

agitateur du jour,
un ami intime du slangwhanger-en-chef

hon dianne feinstein
us senate
washington dc 20515

dear senator feinstein

please join your colleagues, senators barbara boxer and tom harkin, in co-sponsoring senator russ feingold's S.RES 398 to censure george w. bush.

the administration's pattern and practice of lying, spying, torture and corruption is not only illegal but unconstitutional. in order to assist the public in debating these serious matters, a vehicle such as S.RES 398 is ideal.

that it may never pass is irrelevant. the democratic party must not just stand for, but fight for, a return to constitutional government. this chaotic and mendacious administration is not only incapable of exercising, it is opposed to the very existence of, any limits on presidential powers.

the imperial presidencies of lyndon johnson and richard nixon were low points in the life of the american republic, but they have now been exceeded in arrogance, shamefullness, and ignorance by the incumbent.

not to move to censure bush is to acquiesce in his terms of debate. we must reject his record so powerfully that the american people are in no doubt of the democratic party's tenacity in protecting american rights.

as a california citizen i would be proud to be from the first state to have both senators co-sponsor S.RES 398. please make this happen soon.

faithfully yours,
erasmus illegible
deputy sub-sub scribe
obfuscation section
palimpsest division
department of redundancy department

“I have a long-time ladyfriend, Dame Fortune. I know her under her maiden name. Miss Fortune.” –Orson Welles, The Third Man Radio Show #18, 11/30/1951


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