Monday, March 06, 2006

A Friend Writes

Someone sent a friend of the Slangwhanger-in-Chief's a piece of foultempered Republican propaganda pretending that Starbucks (yes, the other evil empire from Seattle) refused to sell its coffee to GIs in Iraq because it supported neither the war nor the soldiers.

The friend wrote back to the deluded disseminator and all other email addresses visible in the forwarding chain:
This false rumor is more than a year old and has been definitively debunked.

It is disturbingly similar to the lie Chuck Colson started for The Trick, that returning GI's from Vietnam had been spat upon by peaceniks. In both cases, the attempt is to blacken the names of those who oppose the war for good and sufficient public policy reasons, by making it appear that they have contempt for the American soldier.

It was not true about Vietnam, and it is not true about Iraq. The lying Presidents who hid and hide behind the bodies of GIs -- Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Bush I, and Bush Minor -- did and do more disservice to the American soldier than those of us who question why they were and are dying in futile causes which the American people, once fully informed, have now twice rejected.

American politicians are dissed by peace folks all the time. American soldiers, never. That's why the politicians try to hide behind the soliders. Don't help them get away with it.
Should such a canard cross your desk, kindly send its perpetrators to the link above for cleansing of the mental tissues of such filth.


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