Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Shot, Ensuite

The Carlyle Group is what the Trilateral Commission always wanted to be when it grew up.

On responsible governance the Republican Party has adopted the Vatican policy toward premarital sex: complete, rigid abstinence.

You know Enron's Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling are in trouble when their lawyers object to a randomly-chosen jury as being inherently unfair.

Bush Minor's oil cronies know he's lying when he says he'll do something about America's oil addiction, so why doesn't everybody else?

It may be that not having any backbone is the best thing Congressional Democrats have going for them. Let the Rethugs present all the targets and let the Dems lay back in the tall weeds. It could be that the merest appearance of governmental competence and interest by the Dems will be sufficient to change the House and Senate in 2006. But more probably it is as Damon Runyon observed, "All life is six to five against."


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