Friday, January 20, 2006

Message from Ellen McCarthy

News on the broadcast of the Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy Memorial Service that took place last weekend on Saturday, January 14th at the Washington National Cathedral has been forwarded by Ellen McCarthy.

"The National Cathedral Public Relations office advised me today that C-SPAN filmed the entire EUGENE J MCCARTHY MEMORIAL SERVICE and will air the event on this Saturday night, January 21st, at 8:00 PM EST and again at 10:40 PM EST.

"(Check your individual cable system's listings for broadcast in your time zone. The broadcast will take place on regular C-SPAN, not the C-SPAN2 or C-SPAN3 channels.)

"I was also told that C-SPAN usually makes DVDs of such events available for a small fee after they have aired.


Here is the C-SPAN schedule information.

Here is the program information for the McCarthy Memorial Service, which is C-SPAN Program ID# 190739 for DVD ordering purposes.


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