Thursday, January 05, 2006

Memorial Service for Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy
Photo: AP
On Saturday, January 14, 2006, at 11 o'clock in the morning, a public memorial service for Senator Eugene J. McCarthy will be held at the National Cathedral, Washington DC. The eulogist will be former President Bill Clinton, one of whose earliest national campaign experiences was as a McCarthy volunteer in 1968.

All are invited to join Senator McCarthy's family, friends, staff, associates, advisors, campaign workers, political heirs and volunteer co-conspirators in honoring the memory, works and spirit that Gene McCarthy gave the nation.

Every time the Senate exerts its Constitutional responsibilites as a check on Presidential power, every time the Democratic Party abandons business-as-usual when forced by citizen participation, every time a new generation of activists arises to refresh the political system, again McCarthy's efforts flower. He stood up alone and something happened; and we who survive him remain part of what he caused that is still happening.

The National Cathedral is located at the intersections of Massachusetts Avenue NW and Wisconsin Avenue NW. Parking on the Cathedral grounds is limited and is accessed from Wisconsin Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue or Garfield Street, but has been blocked by construction on part of the Cathedral grounds and on the Wisconsin Avenue side. Street parking is available in the neighborhood.

Map: Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation
Washington National Cathedral showing Wisconsin Ave on the left, Mass Ave diagonally at lower left, Woodley Rd across the top and Garfield St NW across the bottom. Black-marked areas are unavailable for parking owing to construction.


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