Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Corporate Media Gets it Right for Once

Lieberman's Real Problem, Harold Myerson, Washington Post (registration required.)

mr harold myerson
washington post

mr myerson:

you called it bang right on sen joe lieberman and CT in 2006 exactly because you understood pres lyndon b johnson and the USA in 1968. your killer observation was that this is not a year in which northeast republicans are being cut any exemptions and that joe shouldn't expect anything different. the country moved; the incumbents didn't.

as a comparison, i learned this story in a bio of gov al smith but have forgotten the author. in 1936 a congressman came to postmaster jim farley and complained that in his district the party wasn't putting out enough posters of him, just of FDR. farley said, "when the ferry comes into the slip, a whole lot of garbage gets brought along in with it. the name of your ferry is franklin d. roosevelt."

similarly, when a ship goes down, a whirlpool is formed that sucks down a lot of surface debris. the name of joe's deathship is george w bush.


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