Saturday, December 10, 2005

Link-Hopping Pays Off

Ain't the innernet wunnerful? Go sliding from info to info like a trout dodging rocks in a waterfall. Today's illustration:

Thanks to a link by guest bloggist DCeiver on pert blogista Wonkette's site to the outrageous BoiFromTroi, up came a page called George W. Bush Wears Shoulder Pads, authored with fantastic skill by one Suzanne McNevin.

As a simple factual assertion there would not seem to be anything exciting about these shoulder pads -- unlike the controversies, but still near certainties, over Bush wearing a listening device while debating and having started drinking again. (We won't even get into the undoubted truths that Bush the Small couldn't pour micturation out of a cowboy boot if the directions were printed on the heel and is, moreover, a lying sack of excrement.)

But in the hands of someone who really knows what she's doing, these same shoulder pads are a lethal weapon to their wearer. To whet, tempt, or sharpen your appetites for following the link, here's a sample. Reminds the Slangwhanger-in-Chief of the wonderfully associative free-form indignation of his Sister the Elementary Teacher:
A draft dodging, money-grubbing, warmongering tiny little RUNT who has never seen combat and WEARS SHOULDER PADS. He lets other people fight and die while he hides in the White House and wears his shoulder pads.
The photographs alone are worth the price of admission. Oh, wait, there isn't one... Ain't the innernet wunnerful?


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