Tuesday, December 06, 2005

BushCo Eviscerating Voting Rights

Democrats.org has a post called "President Bush and His "Do One Thing, Say Another" Approach to the Voting Rights Act" that's worth checking out, especially for the fighting statement of Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean...

One day after President Bush finally called on Congress to extend the Voting Rights Act, a new report in today’s Washington Post shows the extent and impact of a concerted effort by the Bush Administration and Republicans in Washington to undercut that landmark legislation.

In its first attempt at cross-cyberspace relevance, the Primal Screed is now featuring a public service advertising link at the bottom of the right margin, below the archives link. Since Rep Tom Delay is a vicious and despicable political thug whose legal woes bid fair to bring him down, the Slangwhanger-in-Chief has decreed that Primal Screed's contribution to civic order will be to host a contribution link for DeLay's Democratic opponent, former Rep. Nick Lampson.

A generic Democrat already beats DeLay according to a recent CNN poll; Lampson used to represent about 20% of the district and so starts with respectability, name recognition, and a reputation untainted by sleaze. In a delicious irony, when DeLay illegally redistricted Texas to bring in more Republican Representatives, he gave away a number of reliably Republican voters in order to beef up adjacent districts.

He could well be defeated in the new district because of his toxicity. We're going to keep the contribution link up for the next 11 months, right up until Election Day 2006. If we only defeat one Republican incumbent in 2006, let it be Tom DeLay!


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