Monday, September 11, 2006

Shaming ABC/Disney

To paraphrase Jimmy Breslin, ABC/Disney's propaganda broadcast The Path to 9/11 "reached down and molested the dead." A blogger called Defective Yeti got in their face so well that the Slangwhanger-in-Chief cannot forbear crossposting his/her response.

I was among the rabid right-wing bloggers fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of the ABC / Disney miniseries The Path To 9/11. While I applauded the filmmakers for bringing to light some hard truths regarding the attacks (where "hard" is defined as "un-"), I feel obligated to point out a few minor errors and inconsistencies:

* The Starr Report alleged that President Bill Clinton engaged in oral sex with Monica Lewinsky, not Zacarias Moussaoui (though it's easy to see how the two names could get mixed up).

* Evidence that the Taliban was founded by Tipper Gore is circumstantial at best.

* There is no record of Madeleine Albright describing the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole as "more of a prank, really" and dismissing it as "no big deal."

* Michael Moore spent most of 2001 working on his film Bowling For Columbine, so it's unlikely he could have found time to give the 9/11 hijackers flying lessons.

* The scene in which Howard Dean punches Jesus is a dramatization.

* The cockpit recordings from United Airlines Flight 175 have never been released, so there's no verification that that the last voice heard is a terrorist saying "this message brought to you by"

* Blooper! When the Clintons are in bed and Bill is reading to Hillary "to get her in the mood" he is holding Mein Kampf upside-down.

* The 9/11 Commission did not conclude that citizens could guard against future attacks by purchasing Lilo & Stitch DVDs.

* Sandy Berger and Osama bin Laden were not the co-stars of the 1983 hit comedy Bosom Buddies, so it's unclear how they could have "forged a strong and lifelong friendship" while serving as such.

* The finale, in which Bush crashes Airforce One into a remote Afghan stronghold, emerges unscathed from the wreckage, and defeats Al Qaeda using nunchucks and pyrokinesis, is actually a composite of several different events.


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