Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Iraq Debate Original Sources

It took all of last weekend but the Congressional Record finally put up the transcript of the Iraq debate in the House last Friday. Owing to the peculiar system used by the Library of Congress to serve web searches, the index page that would let you search by speaker can't be saved as a link. Well, it can, but the link expires, so it's no good. Here then is the PDF of the beginning of the House debate on Congressional Record page H11005. You can follow it forward with your browser.

Also now available is the thrashing given by Sen. Robert C. Byrd to Vice President Cheney on the subject of telling the truth to the American people about the war in Iraq. Byrd was, to my knowledge, the first Senator to come out against the war, and he did so before it even started. The PDF of his speech is at Congressional Record page S13309.


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